When installing the endurance plate need to pay attention to

by:GWX     2020-09-05

endurance plate with its good pervious to light quality, weather resistance and fire retardant performance was loved by the masses of customers, endurance plate application is becoming more and more widely in modern building. But endurance plate if the installation method shall not when, can directly affect the project's appearance, performance, or even use fixed number of year. Below small make up take you know about the endurance plate the matters needing attention in the process of installation.
endurance plate installation note

first, must see first when you install endurance plate protective film on the text and the matters needing attention, make sure there will be UV co-extrusion UV protection with the protection of the text on the side toward the outside, must not put wrong, after the completion of the installation shall promptly remove the protective film, prevent the protective film adhesion and endurance plate after sun exposure.

second, installing a endurance plate, the plate juncture place, need to be based on the local temperature difference, the reserved thermal expansion gap.

third, endurance bending should focus on the direction, must not lateral bending, and pay attention to the bending radius and the thickness of plate, plate bending parts it is forbidden to use screws.

4, direct contact with endurance plate of sealant neutral silicone adhesive is used, it is forbidden to use alkaline, acid and chemical composition of unknown sealant containing solvents, because the sheet material is likely to lead to crack. If the installation process, use the spray paint endurance plate bracket, the board must be installed after the paint dry completely before endurance.

5, endurance plate mounting as companies use special leak proof turn-key fasteners, special layering, provided by the company by polyvinyl chloride (PVC), natural rubber, etc shall be strictly forbidden to contain harmful substances of endurance plate strip.

6, endurance plate cutting section need aluminum foil tape or waterproof breathable tape seal, in order to avoid water vapor, dust or insects into the, affect the transparency of endurance plate and beautiful.
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