When installing the endurance plate which details to consider

by:GWX     2020-09-05

solar panels on the original tapes. As a temporary repair the edge of the plate, it is not resistant to ageing. In the installation, according to the scale need to use special tape, according to the requirements of the device, perforated plate end. Replace the original tape. Installation project dedicated tape should have good weather resistance, use for a long time, do not lose its adhesion and mechanical strength. Device operation, tape should be used.

pay attention to the following points, make sure that the edges of the plate is lubrication. To blow all net hole, compressed air must be without any impurities, drilling. To ensure that the tape completely covered in the profile at the ends of the u-shaped groove maintenance, metal plate and the end. After the completion of the equipment, should not be exposed.

endurance plate cleaning methods: it is necessary to use the following 60 degrees] Under warm water rinse clean. Clean with neutral detergent, do not use detergent to agree on a solar panels invasion. In neutral liquids impregnated with a soft cloth or sponge wiped gently. Disable canvas, brushes, mops and other solid, clean sharp things.
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