Why do endurance plate cracking?

by:GWX     2020-09-01
Endurance plate cracking reason
1. Transport, storage, packaging, flat gasket must be properly, because the plate surface by any slight injury ( Such as scratch) Will be developed into the breach. And plate and other chemicals must not be stored in the same place, because the surface of the board of volatiles can lead to chemical stress cracking
2. PC board no matter what type of processing, processing cutting tool or tools may not cause any damage to the processing parts of the plate, incision smooth as far as possible. Slight damage can result in severe cracking.
  3. PC board is allowed to damage or remove the protective film before the installation is complete, so as not to scratch the surface
4. Will never allow nailed plate directly on the skeleton, otherwise it will to a high stress and damage due to the expansion of the plate hole edge
5. Sheet if bending plate winding path rate is too small, the mechanical strength and chemical resistance will be a sharp drop in, in order to avoid the risk of exposure to outside the surface stress cracking, PC board thickness of the board of the bending radius should not be less than 175 times.
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