Why is called the sunshine board PC hollow sheet?

by:GWX     2020-09-02
PC sunshine board known as PC hollow board, because they are widely used in agricultural greenhouse and architectural lighting, if only considering the characteristics of pervious to light, can replace the sunlight plate material on the market has a lot of, such as greenhouse lighting film, glass, acrylic, and all kinds of transparent resin material synthesis. But the only PC hollow board is also known as the sunshine board, why? Started from the sunshine board material structure.
PC material itself has high light transmittance, compared with any other pervious to light material, it is not inferior, light transmittance as high as 90% above, this is the most basic features. Another PC material itself has heat insulation, sound insulation, impact resistant, flame retardant, toughness and advantages of cold bending, sunlight board features stand out. In addition, according to the production method, it can be on the structure forming hollow double-layer structure, four layers structure, honeycomb structure, type structure, and even more complex hollow structure. This structure is the point of the high heat insulation performance of solar panels. polycarbonate solid sheet heat insulation performance reached the incomparable status. Therefore, hollow structure of the PC board is called the sunshine board.

from the new century, the PC material has become the various functions of the original simple basic application of the unique plate, such as hollow plate, PC panel ceramic tile, tile u-lock gusset plate, etc. , so that we can have reason to believe that the future of lighting material is PC material lead time, by that time, the sunshine board may require us to define them.
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