Why is everyone do endurance plate against the canopy?

by:GWX     2020-09-05
If seen against the canopy of the community friends, most will find everyone's unanimous selection are endurance plate, then endurance plate as the canopy exactly what are the benefits? Is in all cases of canopy may exploit the endurance plate?

( 1) Change rise more convenient.

actually own endurance plate hardness is strong, compared with the ordinary glass to achieve the strength of more than 300 times, even compared with the rigid acrylic strength reached two hundred percent. That is to say when something happened falling objects one, common glass may be easily broken, but the canopy if using endurance plate is difficult to directly breakdown, under the condition of most caused a small fracture, as long as the subsidies through simple glue or tape can complete repair.

( 2) The whole camouflage effect better.

the canopy is also to a room where the sun, if under the condition of the summer sun, you must hope to own motor vehicle under the environment of a shade, this time use brunet endurance plate structures, a bike shed is a good decision, and the bike shed of low cost and the difficulty of the movement is small, even later no longer use, also can be dismantled easily, plus endurance plate itself is a big plane, parallel to the wall it stand will not occupy space.
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