Why PC board sunshine greenhouse have more advantages than glass greenhouse?

by:GWX     2020-08-27
With the development of glass greenhouse industry, now a lot of greenhouses have adopted PC board as cover material. Compared, and the glass cover material PC board sunshine greenhouse cover material what are the advantages and disadvantages? Believe this is the most concern of the greenhouses builders. So, in order to make everyone to greenhouses used glass cover material reason has a sufficient understanding. Shanghai new materials ( PC board factory) The advantages and disadvantages of the glass cover material is listed for you. ( A) The disadvantage of glass cover material: 1, low impact resistance ( Toughened glass is an exception) ; 2, double deck glass price is high ( Material + seal) ; 3, the weight is big, need to increase steel specifications; 4, easy to be broken, and not easy to clean up after a breakdown; 5, there are security issues, even if again thick glass also can't guarantee absolutely safe when extreme weather. ( 2) PC board greenhouse advantages: 1, strong shock resistance, PC board, 250 - the impact strength is common glass 300 times, how to tap won't be bad. 2, thermal stability, in - 40 ℃ to + 120 ℃ temperature range does not cause deformation and brittle fracture. 3, portability, light weight, easy to handle, drilling. 4, easy forming, truncated when installation, not easy to break, can be directly cold bending, good construction simple processing. 5, prevent droplets ( Also known as the dew drops) , inside the greenhouse insulation value better protection, will not because of the temperature difference form fog drops down the plant damage. ( 3) Mutual advantages: 1, both belong to the high light transmittance, is critical to plant growth. 2, the high temperature resistant performance is good, have heat preservation effect, is quite important for the growth of plants.
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