Why the flower market with endurance plate?

by:GWX     2020-09-05
Why the flower market with endurance plate? May be a lot of friends if you've been to, flower market, will find a lot of flowers market construction are like using endurance plate, is this why?

( 1) The real guarantee the growth of plants.

flower actually belongs to the high value crops of we used to say, compared with the general content of crops in its unit value is higher, so people need to consider its growth habit, for example say certain flowers and plants plants in cold winter or hot summer, because the phenomenon of surrounding will wither, expectations for maximum guarantee its position, will not cry to death, as the change of the temperature endurance plate used so to build a greenhouse is a good decision.

( 2) Viewing room price is cheaper.

and now a lot of flowers market are entertaining know, that is to say, you need to make consumers satisfied with the look, they would place an order to buy, if it is before the greenhouse covering film pattern, what also can't see from the outside, nature also don't know your flowers drift not beautiful, but now after using endurance plate sun room, from the outside can see the inside of the plant is so graceful, in order to promote consumers' desire to buy, and this kind of building greenhouses than normal price is high also, but the service life of at least three times higher.
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